I'm Mary Woolverton, a licensed massage therapist since 2006. I attended the Power of Touch Massage Therapy School right here in Longview in 2005, and I never looked back.


My work in a chiropractic office got me interested in medical massage, including trigger point therapy and myofascial release. I was not only concerned with providing relaxation, which of course is valuable in its own right, but with concrete client outcomes. Pain reduction, improved postural alignment, increased range of motion, and making the activities of daily living easier.  When I saw these types of results, I felt like what I was doing mattered. 

My time spent doing massage in a spa environment motivated me to develop a less clinical approach. I began to seek out techniques and modalities that were effective in treating the mind and spirit in addition to the body.

Mark Wisdom introduced me to my first Thai teacher in 2014, and has since helped me learn so much more. I found that not only do my clients enjoy receiving it, but it is a healthier way for me as a therapist to work deeply into the tissues. 

I have since received training in Ashiatsu barefoot massage and Lomi Lomi, both deeply relaxing and highly therapeutic modalities that don't strain my body. This allows me to deliver highly effective bodywork safely while maintaining a peaceful presence and relaxing atmosphere. I'll be grateful to be able to continue for many years to come. Massage is a gift, and so is being able to share it and make it my life's work. 

May you be peaceful.

May you be happy.

May you be safe.

May you be well.

May you live a life of ease.